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At ABILITY English, we are passionate about teaching our students to really grasp the essence of the English language.

Our Language Centre is accredited by the following institutions:

At a Glance

At ABILITY English, we are passionate about teaching our students to really grasp the essence of the English language. We encourage students to listen to and speak as much of the language as possible, convinced that practice is the only way to bring lasting improvement. We provide a safe and supportive environment for students to practise their skills, helping them to understand and correct their own mistakes as they grow in confidence.

English Courses

General English
Business English
Contact hours 15 hours per week
Start date Enrolment every month
Visa required SVP Sub Class 572 Visa
Study load 6 hours per week for 15 weeks
Assessments Test exams every Monday, Exams every Friday


$400 per week

Key Features

Writing essays in English can be challenging. Doing a presentation in English can be scary. Understanding the expectations in an English-speaking college or university can be confusing. In EAP we teach you how to do this so you are sure to succeed.

What you will learn

  • Learn about the test and what is required from them
  • Learn valuable test tips
  • Practise their test-taking skills under pressure
  • Learn how to improve any personal weaknesses
  • Learn how to pass the exam with the required score

Course Structure

1. Quality education

Experienced teachers and university-approved courses.

2. Great nationality mix

Our EAP courses have one of the best mixes of nationalities in Sydney and Melbourne

3. Strong speaking and pronunciation component

Our pronunciation and fluency training helps prepare you to understand lectures, do presentations and to help you participate in all round communications

4. Great pathways

Through our direct pathways you don’t need to pay for an external exam such as IELTS or Cambridge. Find out more on our pathways

5. No mixed classes

We are offering 3 different levels EAP 2, EAP 3 and EAP 4.

Direct pathways

If you get the score you need in our EAP course you can enter courses at our partner college or university without doing an English proficiency test because we have a direct pathway agreement together.

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