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Discover English was formed in Melbourne in February 2010 with the objective of being one of Australia’s premier English language colleges. Students are at the centre of our organisation. We provide flexibility and choice to ensure that each individual student is doing the course that’s right for them.

Our accreditations and awards:

Discover English - At a glance

Discover English was the first school to offer its students and extra 10 hours per week of free instructions (an optional 5 hours in the library with a teacher and 5 hours of electives). We also run a free weekly job seminar and activities 7 days a week. Academically, students are tested and evaluated weekly to ensure individuals can level up at their own pace.

The college specialises in delivering Cambridge ESOL courses (FCE, CAE and CPE). In 2014 the school was the finalist in Cambridge English Language Assessment Awards for Preparation Centres in Outstanding Students Care category. In 2015 Discover English was selected the finalist in Cambridge English Assessment Awards for Preparation Centres in Outstanding Business Growth category and highly commended for Outstanding Service to Customers. In both years the college was the only language centre from Asia-Pacific region selected as a finalist.

Reasons to choose Discover English:

  • Students come first
  • Experienced and highly qualified teachers
  • First class student services
  • 10 hrs of free classes/teacher support each week
  • Daily activities
  • English only campus
  • Two different timetables and greater flexibility
  • Broad range of articulation agreements with number of TAFEs, Colleges and Universities.
  • Academic and fun approach
  • Central location and modern facilities with free wifi and roof top deck
  • Handpicked homestay families and student lodge as accommodation options

General English (CRICOS: 073679D)

The General English program develops students’ English language communication skills with a focus on building confidence and fluency in a friendly and fun environment. Through a communicative approach, students practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a variety of ‘real life’ situations. Studying General English will give you the confidence and skills to function in an English speaking country or to go on to further study or examination preparation courses.  

Discover English offers six levels of General English from Beginner to Advanced. Our Beginners class accepts students with very little exposure to English to students who have not yet acquired a single word; no one’s level is too low. Our Advanced General English class is for students with high level communicative skills and serves as an excellent base for advanced exam courses such as FCE, CAE, IELTS or Academic English.

Level Beginner to Advanced
Course Duration 1 to 70 weeks
Start Dates Every Monday
Contact hours per week 20
Fees $325 per week

Business English (CRICOS: 073675G)

The Business English program equips students with English language skills specific to the corporate environment. English is an essential skill both for companies seeking to trade overseas and for employees wishing to develop careers in global industries.

The course develops students` confidence and ability to communicate effectively in English in a business context, by providing them with the necessary linguistic and cultural knowledge. It builds awareness and experience in relation to realistic challenges or situations encountered in the world of business, and develops essential skills for presentations, meetings, negotiating, networking, formal letter, e-mail and report writing, telephone conversations and cross-cultural interactions.

Level Minimum IELTS 5.0 or PTE Academic Score 36
Course Duration 1 to 26 weeks
Start Dates Every Monday
Contact hours per week 20
Fees $325 per week

Cambridge ESOL (FCE, CAE, CPE)(CRICOS: 074419E)

First Certificate in English (FCE)

This exam is internationally recognised by both educational institutions and employers and is a valuable asset to the student when applying for a position in an institute or in business. 

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

CAE is the next step after FCE. It is internationally recognised by both educational institutions and employers as well as the Australian government for some immigration categories. CAE is a valuable asset to the student when applying for a position in an institute or in business.  The course covers writing, reading, listening, grammar and speaking skills in preparation for the exam.

English: Proficiency (CPE)

CPE is the final exam based step to complete mastery of the English language. Students who successfully pass the exam will be confident in communications skills across almost any context, from social interaction to complex business or academic discussions and debates.

Discover English’s CPE course will not be easy, although we do hope it will be enjoyable and rewarding. A range of practice test papers will be used throughout the course and a full mock exam will take place over the 5th week.

This course is not available to student visa holders (as their primary course of study).

Level FCE: Minimum IELTS 5.5 or PTE Academic Score 42
CAE: Minimum IELTS 6.0, PTE Academic Score 50 or successful completion of FCE
CPE: Minimum IELTS 7.0 or CAE score of 67
Course Duration 10 to 12 weeks
Start Dates January, March, June, September
Contact hours per week 20
Fees $340 per week

English for Academic Purposes (CRICOS: 073678E)

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) prepares students for the transition from studying in their native language and home country to studying in English at an Australian University or College. The EAP program teaches students to consider texts, discourses and issues in a critical light and supports them in becoming independent learners.

The EAP program is offered at three levels: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Students undertake weekly assessments in relation to the course material they have studied.

Level Minimum IELTS 5.0 or PTE Academic Score 36
Course Duration 5 to 31 weeks
Start Dates Every 5 weeks
Contact hours per week 20
Fees $325 per week

IELTS Preparation (CRICOS: 076496J)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Preparation program focuses on developing exam techniques and preparing students for the listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks they will undertake in the IELTS exam. The program is intensive and is designed for students who wish to maximise their scoring potential on the IELTS exam within a short time frame.  

Level Minimum IELTS 5.0 or PTE Academic Score 36
Course Duration 1 to 21 weeks
Start Dates Every Monday
Contact hours per week 20
Fees $325 per week

Discover Melbourne

Discover English is located in Melbourne, which is consistently voted the Most Liveable City in the World. It is situated on Port Philip Bay which offers excellent swimming and water sport options. Melbourne is surrounded by parks and gardens: the city is organised, clean, safe and is serviced by an extensive public transport system of trains, trams and buses. 

Study English Language in Melbourne, Australia

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