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In addition to the International Foundation Certificate and the International First Year courses, Oxford International Group also runs an International Incorporated Master’s (IIM) course in partnership with De Montfort University.

The IIM is extremely useful for international students who already hold an undergraduate degree but need some additional support with their English language skills and adjustment to academic life in the UK. De Montfort University hosts not only a thriving international student body of more than 27,000 but also a lively postgraduate community, meaning that all those enrolled are sure to feel at home in no time!

What is the content of the course?

Students enrolled on the IIM have the opportunity to study the following key modules:

1. Introduction to UK graduate study

This module provides students with the skills and confidence they require to excel at graduate level at a UK university by facilitating the development of written, oral and visual communication skills. Learning strategies include an emphasis on tutor-led, activity-based learning.

2. Research and academic skills

During the course of this module, students are taught the English language skills fundamental to living and studying in the UK and are aided in their enhancement of the research and academic skills necessary for postgraduate study. Additionally, each individual is supported in developing a fuller understanding of postgraduate culture in the UK university sector.

3. English for Academic Purposes

As the ability to communicate in English is extremely important for any international student enrolled in the UK, the English for Academic Purposes module has been designed to fill any knowledge gaps and help participants to increase their confidence when using their English language skills in an academic context.

How is the course assessed?

As postgraduate study does, by nature, entail a large amount of independent work and research, those enrolled on the IIM are continuously assessed to ensure that they are meeting their targets. In addition to setting project work and tests, tutors provide written and verbal feedback to ensure that each individual has a clear idea of how they can improve.