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A Levels – Oxford Tutorial College
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One of Oxford International Group’s prestigious educational establishments, Oxford Tutorial College is a leading independent college specialising in A Level and GCSE tuition for those keen to progress to higher education at a UK university. Not only does the College offer a well-established Sixth Form for students taking A Level courses for the first time; it also has many years of successful experience in running retake courses.

Flexible A Level options

Oxford Tutorial College offers full-time A Level courses over either one or two years. Those enrolling on A Level courses for the first time not only have the opportunity to choose from a far more varied selection of courses than is available at most other Sixth Forms; they may also take advantage of the College’s intensive A-Level retake courses, which are tailored to each individual to ensure that students only need retake the units in which they previously under-performed.

The College also runs short, intensive A Level revision courses at Easter, plus supplementary teaching sessions at other points throughout the year which support the institution’s core academic tuition.

First time A-Levels

A Level courses at Oxford Tutorial College can be completed in at least three months. Students are encouraged to consider their subject choices extremely carefully, ensuring that they take into account factors such as aptitude, interest, related skills and previous examination performance to ensure that they enrol on courses that match their interests and aspirations. While the majority of students join the College at the beginning of the academic year in September and study over one or two years, a smaller number start at the beginning of the Hilary or Trinity terms, taking courses over a period of between one and five terms.

Individual Tuition

Those enrolled on A Level courses through Oxford Tutorial College have the opportunity to take advantage of the institution’s unique one-on-one tuition system. Such individual attention encourages an active involvement in the learning process, with the student taking more direct responsibility for their development of understanding. This approach also acts as excellent preparation for the more self-motivated attitude required for university-level study and is extremely flexible, allowing students to work at their own pace.